Ye Zhengtian rushed out of the house,Walk quickly to Fuming’s side,Grabbed Fuming’s shoulders with both hands,Eyes full of tears,Looking at his father,Speechless。

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“All right,Don’t froze,I went to cook,Fate,This girl is?”Li Lian noticed the girl,Asked。
“I do not know either,I saved it on the way back”
“Nothing,Since it was saved,Then eat together,lotus,Take this girl to wash,Find her a dress by the way,Look at this dirty”Ye Zhengtian said。
“it is good”Li Lian wants to take the girl to wash,But the girl clung to Fuming’s sleeve and refused to let go,Li Lian looks at Fuming。
“Do not worry,He is my mother,Won’t hurt you”Fuming told the girl。
The girl bowed her head in silence for a while,I raised my head again and nodded,Then let go,Follow Li Lian to wash。
“Right dad,I’ll go to the awakening place,I have something to do”Fuming suddenly remembered that there was something to do。
“Awakening?Why are you going there”
Fuming releases the power of gene lock in the body,The energy generated by the air wave pushed Ye Zhengtian back a bit,Ye Zhengtian’s eyes were full of shock。
“Fate,you。。。You are genetically locked!”Ye Zhengtian couldn’t believe it。
“Ok,Awakened”Fuming nodded。
“Hahahaha,OK,I knew that Ye Zhengtian’s son was not the original body!”Ye Zhengtian danced with joy。
Fuming looking at the excited father in front of me,The corners of the mouth are also smiling“dad,I go first”。
“it is good,Go,come back earlier”
Fuming carrying the halberd and turned and left,Ran all the way to the awakening place,Took a deep breath and walked in,As soon as I entered, a beautiful lady came over。
“Hello,Noble sir,Can i help you?”The waiter’s voice is very sweet。
“Oh hello,Where is the wanted order??”